Are Coffee Grinders More Important Than Coffee Machines?

You may have been thinking about purchasing a traditional espresso coffee machine and put all your budget towards your dream coffee machine. However, it would be foolish of you to overlook your coffee grinder. Your coffee grinder is more important than the coffee machine. In simple terms, a coffee machine passes hot water through coffee grounds to create flavour. The magic happens in the grinder and here is why.

The Job of a Coffee Grinder

  • Depending on the type of grinder, a blade or burr, coffee beans will be ground in different ways.
  • Blade grinders slice the beans up creating ununiform grounds, which is not the best extraction process.
  • Burr grinders work in a slightly different way. This type of grinder crushes the coffee beans between two plates creating uniform grounds. This form of extraction normally produces better tasting coffee.
  • To match the brewing method, you will need to adjust the distance between the two plates to create a finer or courser coffee ground.
  • There are two types of coffee grinder, an on-demand coffee grinder or a dosing grinder. The on-demand coffee grinder is perfect for freshness as it grinds the coffee for when you need it. Dosing grinders are good for busy situations, where you can grind a batch of coffee in advance and use it for when it’s needed.

Why is the Coffee Grinder So Important?

The purpose of grinding coffee beans is to break them down into smaller parts so that water can pass through the beans and extract compounds from the coffee. To get the best flavoured coffee and most effective extraction, you need to have coffee ground to a consistent standard. This is because a finer coffee particle will take a shorter time to brew compared to a large coffee particle. Therefore, if the coffee is ground too fine, the smaller coffee particles will be over extracted, and the if the coffee is ground too course the large particles will be under-extracted. Its important to grind your coffee to the correct specification for your specific method of coffee brewing.

Check out the Speciality Coffee Association website for more details:

What Does It Mean by Over-extraction and Under-extraction?

As coffee is being brewed, the length of time that the water is in contact with coffee could lead to over or under extraction. This will heavily influence the flavour of your coffee.  Under extracted coffee may lead to your brew being sour and over-extraction could cause your coffee to taste bitter.

Overall, you will need to experiment with the different grind sizes to get the ideal coffee for you. Not everyone likes their coffee the same, a slight tweak may allow you to fit a wider audience. A key thing is to ask customers their feedback on the taste of coffee, you want these people to return to your coffee shop. Ensuring that customers are happy with the coffee you’re producing, Is the most important thing!

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