Remote Water Quality Management

There is currently no way of monitoring the life of a water filter, unless a digital head is fitted. Hydracs will give you real time information about your filter and tells you at the exact point that your water filter need changing.

Hydracs Features and Benefits

Hydracs Business Model

The Hydracs units are provided on a weekly rental basis.

The Standard package at £X per unit / week includes:

  • The Hydracs unit and technology
  • Access to the portal to monitor any changes in the water quality
  • Free ongoing software improvements
  • Notification of when the filter needs to be changed

Simplify Maintenance. Save Time & Money.

Remote Management. Monitor and manage water quality from anywhere to save time and reduce travel costs.

Predictive Maintenance. Predict and prevent equipment issues before they occur to minimize downtime and reduce repair costs.

Real-Time Alerts. Receive instant notifications of water quality issues or maintenance needs to quickly address any problems.

Compatibility with other telemetric devices. Although originally imagined for coffee machinery Hydracs is suitable for any equipment requiring filtered water and many are installed alongside convection ovens.

Why Hydracs?

  • Monitor Water to Prevent Risks

    Make sure that water running in your equipment is in proper condition – water that is too soft is corrosive, and water that is too hard leads to limescale, both requiring expensive machinery repairs. Moreover, the quality of water can change in an area over time, meaning that the initial bypass setting may become incorrect during the filter’s lifespan.

  • Avoid Unexpected Expenses

    Boilers can be affected by limescale, and the cost of workshop descale is substantial – prevent losing business days due to scale buildup.

  • Get Our Full Support

    Failure to replace expired filters on time can result in scale damage to the machine, affecting the coffee taste’s integrity, and leading to equipment downtime, potentially causing a high-cost workshop descale. We instruct our on-site personnel on how to monitor and interpret the readings to have the best knowledge about when you should contact us provider to request a filter change.

All Coffee Equipment is Compatible with the Hydracs system

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