Payment Solutions

You can also use your vBox to take cashless payments. There is also an option for closed-loop payment and barcode scanners. To find out more please contact sales.

Payment Systems Benefits

Optimal Payment Solution

In recent years we’ve seen the gradual adoption of cashless payment in the UK. Mobile payment is no longer new. People have become comfortable with using their card or phone to pay for the most mundane of purchases.

Simplify Maintenance. Save Time & Money.

We can provide a solution that encompasses payments made with credit, debit and prepaid cards for closed environment settings like a workplace of a university. It also enables payments using mobile platforms like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Cashless Payment Systems Features

  • Convenient & Optimized

    One Stop Shop Global Provider. We will deal with the hassle of administering multiple separate payments. You won’t have to deal with any acquiring banks. You’ll simply get a weekly remittance accompanied by a detailed report that includes all transactions.

    Simple Onboarding Process. You will need to fill out some online forms and then you’re good to go.

    Flexible Solution. MDB, Pulse or Kiosk options with a choice of readers to suit every need.

  • Simplified Payments,
    Transactions & Fees

    Receive the Full Transaction Amount. No fees or transaction costs are deducted from the transaction. You’ll be invoiced separately for monthly fees and transaction charges.

    Monthly Fees. Include everything required to run the terminal, including payment gateway services, process, acquiring, SIM card and data package along with a weekly remittance to a customer account.

    Multiple Payment Methods supported. Open loop, closed loop, QR code, mobile and online payments are all supported. There’s no need to download an app. No PIN is required.

    Rental Option. Always an option available for discussion.

  • Innovative solutions

    Leading Cashless Payment Solution. Superior L3 EMV certified cashless payment terminals ready for immediate deployment and activation.

    Telemetry solution. Allows customers to remotely manage their machines to significantly improve efficiency and profitability.

    Option to White-Label Product and service. Can be rebranded by the customer.

    Remote Vending. MDB Version 4.3 allows remote vending, i.e. choosing a product and paying from the customer mobile phone.

  • Excellent Support

    Customer & Technical Support. Provided by experienced experts based on your market.

    Online Information. Full access to online information, anytime, anywhere on all terminals.

Payment Systems are Compatible with All Coffee Equipment

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