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Coffee Grinder Blades

Commercial coffee grinder blades require replacement every year to two years depending on the amount of use the coffee grinder gets and what the manufacturer recommends. We advise that if you grind up to 8 kilos of coffee a week, there should be a planned periodic change for the blades. There are also a few cleaning products that we advise you to use to keep the grinder in working order for longer. View some of our cleaning products in our shop.

We suggest that the owners of the grinder replace the blades themselves and you should know how to strip the top of the grinder down. The top chamber in the grinder often gets clogged up which can cause problems. This should be cleared out weekly to produce consistently good coffee for your customers.

Let Espresso Service take care of the coffee grinder management, we will replace the grindstones and reset the grinder to give you the perfect coffee.

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The Warning Signs to Look Out for

The Blade edges feel dull and blunt , you should only do this when it is safe to do so e.g. when the appliance is unplugged

The best way to do this is to feel them and try and think about how they felt when you first purchased the grinder and try and compare the feelings. The best way to do this is clean the blades with a paper towel and feel the edges of the blades. If you cannot remember what they felt like before, look how dull the blade is. If its dull, then it needs replacing.

Grounds are coming out in large clumps

This is a simple way to know if your blades are on the way out, they start producing small clumps of ground coffee. Don’t worry when this happens it won’t have an impact on the taste of the coffee, it’s just an early indication that the grinder blades will need replacing soon.

Inconsistency of Grounds

Your grinder won’t grind it will start mashing the coffee when the blades are starting to tire and need replacing. The sharpness of the blade reduces, and the slice of the beans aren’t refined. This is a sign that the blades need substituting for new ones as the size of the coffee grounds are irregular, however you shouldn’t worry about this because every grinder produces different sized grounds.

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