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5 Tips to Improve Your Coffee Shops Branding Strategy

In recent years with the explosion of coffee shops coming onto the high street, it is no surprise that people have a lot of choice when it comes to buying their daily coffee. Your coffee shop may have another competitor on the same street, trying to attract the same customers. However, there is something you can do to attract the public to the coffee shop. Something important to remember is that it’s not always the coffee shop which serves the best tasting coffee, it’s often the shop with the best branding. A clever branding strategy which brings customers into your shop will portraying a vivid message.

Why Is Branding Crucial?

are not only buying cups of coffee from your business; they pay for the brand.
Coffee shops are dependent on repeat business to keep sales up. Social Media is
important for keeping your brand image and allowing customers to identify with
your brand and return to the coffee shop. Creating your brand will take time
and won’t happen immediately therefore it’s crucial to understand why it’s so
important. The reason is that your company’s brand is how people feel about it,
a good impression will mean that you will have more sales.

Fashioning Your Mission Statement

A mission statement is something you should create at the start of your coffee shop journey, this should include what your shop does, why it does this and how it will grow. Your brand and mission statement should be closely aligned. Your mission statement shouldn’t be too long, it should be short and snappy. While also being understandable for your target audience. You should reinforce it to the people that are working in the coffee shop challenging them to live up to it every day.

Brand Awareness

After you have decided what exactly yourcoffee shop stands for, you should begin to think about the visual aspects of your business. This includes such things as the coffee shops name, signage, logo, menu and possibly loyalty cards if that is something you want to implement in your coffee shop. An original name will make you stand out from the crowd! When designing your logo ensure that it’s not too cluttered and hard to recognise. It is important not to underestimate the power of an effective logo for your coffee shop. An original logo can encourage customers into the shop while also boosting loyalty in your customers. 

Creating Your Menu

The consistency of your branding must be also shown on the coffee menu. A simple crafted menu streamlined with your mission statement and branding is important. Giving customers more information about where the coffee beans have originated from gives your coffee shop a story and enables you to be transparent. Coffee enthusiasts are more likely return as customers if you show that you’re knowledgeable about products.

Strong Online Presence

important that your business has a strong online presence and it is at the
centre of your branding strategy. Ensure that you show a consistent logo on
your social media profiles. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook shouldn’t be
ignored when thinking about getting footfall through the coffee shops door and
increase sales. Your in-store designs and products make for great content which
should be shared through your social media profiles. It’s important to share
your coffee shops personality to your followers. 

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