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How to Make the Best Coffee at Home

Use the Freshest Coffee Beans 

Many people believe all coffee tastes the same. However, using a good quality whole bean coffee is the key to creating a quality cup of coffee. As soon as the coffee is roasted those aromatic compounds start to escape from the bean, this process is called degassing. It is thought that up to 70% of this compound has left the bean after 8 days. As time goes on, you lose more and more flavour leading to the bean becoming stale. The grinding on the beans will make this process happen faster, as it shows off more surface area. This makes it easier for the compound to leave the bean. The process of degassing just shows how important it is for your coffee beans to be as fresh as possible if you would like a great cup of coffee.

Grinding Your Coffee

The next step after choosing your coffee bean is grinding your coffee. Grinding your own coffee is the key to success and makes a massive difference in the overall taste of your coffee. The size of the ground determines how quickly the coffee bean loses its flavour. When your start to brew your coffee all of the particle should be approximately the same size for a consistent coffee taste. Grinding your own coffee allows you to remain in full control of the flavour. A coffee grinder allows you to continuously produce the best cup of the coffee.


Determining the Water Temperature & Getting the Best Water Quality

One of the most important features of a cup of the coffee is water quality, this is because most of your cup of coffee is predominantly water after all! The flavour of your coffee depends on how long the coffee is in contact with the water. The temperature of the water is a key factor in creating the very best flavour. Alongside the temperature of the water you’re using you should think about the quality of water you’re using. This differs from city to city. If you live in a city that is known to have a mineral packed water supply, it would be a smart move to purchase a water filter to filter out those minerals.

The Brewing Method

There are four ways that you can brew your coffee:

1. Cafetiere

Cafetiere is a heatproof jug that has a strainer attached to the lid. Once the coffee has brewed (around 2-4 minutes), you plunge the strainer to the bottom to disperse the coffee grounds. This is a fast and smooth method and free from filters. The cafetiere method is a great way to create excellent tasting coffee.

2. Chemex

This glass jug uses gravity to pull the hot water through the coffee, this is like an automatic drip coffee machine in terms of the taste of the coffee produced. This method creates subtle flavours of the coffee and produces a smooth textured brew.

3. V60

This is similar to the Chemex in which it creates a lighter subtle bodied flavoured coffee, this will enable gentle notes to come through. It is a good alternative to an AeroPress as it provides a much cleaner cup of coffee. It is very practical for everyday life, as it is quick to clean and it mobile to take it wherever you want.

4. AeroPress

This brewing method will produce a full-bodied strong-tasting coffee. Ground coffee is poured into the top of the machine and then followed by water. You then insert the plunger and press the coffee through the filter and into the cup.

All of the above brewing methods have their pros and cons, however all of the above points are needed to be taken into consideration to create the best taking possible at home during lockdown.


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