A Smart Device is an electronic gadget is able to interact with its user and other smart devices allowing people to connect to one another. Although they’re small devices, they normally have the computing power of a few gigabytes.

These interactive gadgets can understand instructions from its user and help with day-to-day tasks including time management e.g. What’s my next meeting? The smart device will reply with your next meeting in your calendar on the device that is paired with the smart device. Some of the most commonly used smart devices include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and smart glasses etc. They’re defined by the way they connect to a network to interact remotely.

Therefore, we have now taken all of the above and now offer two types of SMART devices for your coffee machine equipment.

Our range of smart devices for coffee machines:

Take a look at our water softener telemetry solution HYDRACS

Or take a look at our VENDON telemetry solution for your coffee machine

Vendon Telemetry Solutions

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