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Why Should You Get Your Coffee Machine Serviced?

Coffee Machines can suffer from a whole range of
different problems connected to over usage or even being mistreated. Just like
your car, you generally need to give your coffee machine regular maintenance to ensure
that you’re creating the best tasting coffee for your customers. The coffee
bean relies on an effective working machine, otherwise coffee created from a
damaged machine can be less appetising and can taste awful. There are some fey
signs that you should look out for when your machine needs a service.


A muted killer of many coffee machines that involve
water, the chalky dissolvent hides inside of your machine’s interior boiler and
tarnishes your surfaces. Limescale is a residue of calcium carbonate and a
deposit which is left over after by hard water. This hard water is a large
factor in why the limescale is left over. Hard water encompasses a higher
concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. When the hard water
evaporates it leaves behind the limescale, causing a build up in the internal
elements of the machine. To make the situation even worse, limescale loves
sticking to each other resulting in it being very tough to dispose of. The
calcium carbonate can result in corrosion and damage to the protective layer of
the machine. Those protective layers are metallic which causes rust and can
become a big issue and can lead to some components in the machine weakening
without you even noticing.

Fighting Impurities in Water

detrimental effects of water impurities can be prevented by using an effective
water filter or a calcium treatment unit. The quality of the coffee will be
enhanced by the filters alongside the operations. Clean and smooth mineral
water will make sure that your coffee machine will continue to be reliable and
make great tasting coffee. Using the Calcium Treatment Unit alongside regular
cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your machine will last a lot longer
than not giving your coffee machine some TLC. Our excellent Hydracs device which is a
water filter management tool is perfect for informing you when your filter
needs changing.

Often Should You Get It Serviced?

if you follow the advice above, it’s natural if you see a build-up on limescale
in your machine. It’s common to see specific components breaking down. Water
filters have a limited lifespan, therefore, to get the best quality water your
coffee you need to ensure that you continuously update your filters when you
see an outage. The industry standard is to get a coffee machine service every
12 months, this service and your regular maintenance should reduce the
likelihood of your machine breaking.

Do You Know When the Machine Needs a Service?

coffee machine will have alternative components that could lead to issues. Here
are some of the common problems that could indicate that you need a maintenance

  • Coffee
    dispenses too quickly/slowly
  • Struggling
    to froth milk
  • Coffee
    is dispensed at a cold temperature
  • Coffee
    is leaking at the front underneath the tray.

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