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Why Should You Buy Multi-Boiler System Machines?

Sometimes also known as a dual coffee machine, it has two boilers, one steam boiler, and one brew boiler. As the two boilers work in partnership, the steam boiler holds the correct pressure, which is used for frothing milk. Whereas, the brew boiler sustains the consistent temperature and used to make the Espresso Shot.


Benefits of the Multi-Boiler System Machine


Often in coffee shops, you see the barista doing the three things at once, they pull the coffee, foam the milk, and produce hot water at the same time. A multi-boiler coffee machine saves coffee shops time because they can do many processes simultaneously, effectively serving customers quicker. In this era, we want things instantly, a coffee shop would find it difficult without being able to operate like this. The multi boiler coffee machine allows for the different processes all to happen simultaneously but also ensures that the quality isn’t compromised.

Effective Features

The multi-boiler machines have some extra features that aid the quality of coffee being produced. The pre-heated water feeds mix the water from the main boiler with the cold fresh water. This then feeds the smaller boilers, which means that the temperature of the brewing water will not alter when they replenish. Heating up elements in the group heads protects the groups from reducing in temperature when the handle is taken off.


A successful coffee shop is consistent. .They need to make sure each one of their customers gets the same tasting coffee. The reliability of the bean quality, water freshness, and tamping pressure all have to be accurate to produce consistent coffee.


Drawbacks of the Multi Boiler System Coffee Machine


a larger machine which would make it more expensive, but it does a more
consistent job than just a regular thermoblock coffee machines. Therefore, it
can be more costly. However, for a coffee shop where you would need one of
these machines, it is definitely worth the money.

Size of the Machine

The large bean to cup coffee machines obviously takes a lot of room up, which can trouble some people because of the lack of space they have. However, for large coffee shops, this shouldn’t be a problem because you would have taken this into consideration when opening their coffee shop.


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