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Tips On Opening A Coffee Shop

Have you got a huge passion for coffee and feel like you want to make the next step and open your own coffee shop? You could help other coffee lovers satisfy their coffee craving while earning a living.

However, starting up a coffee shop isn’t as
easy as renting a space and buying coffee machines and some seating. There is
much more to take into consideration before getting your dream off the ground.

All shops are different, so there isn’t an
ultimate guide to opening a coffee shop because the guide would be thousands of
pages long. Not every shop will cost the same amount to rent or will run in an
identical way. However, there are some common factors:

Is it a Good Idea to Open One?

There are always risks when opening a
business because there are so many variables that could make or break the
business. Financial commitment and the economic climate can put some people off
from making the jump.

However, here are some statistics that could
help you decide that it’s a good idea to open one.

  • Nearly 2 billion cups of coffee are sold
  • Each person visits a coffee shop 150 times
    per year on average.
  • Those people could spend up to £2,000 a
  • It is estimated that this could bring over
    15 billion to the economy each year.
  • Independent coffee shops now outnumber the
    chained coffee shops with now over 20,000 outlets compared to nearly 9,000 is

Why are Independent Coffee Shops becoming more popular?

Many chain businesses have closed down in
previous years, showing that the high street is quickly changing. However,
coffee shops seem to be not following the trend.

A key reason why people like independent coffee shops in the choose and variation they have. In the small coffee shops, you aren’t just a number to the business you really matter. They’re more likely to listen to your feedback and take back on board your comments as opposed to a chain coffee retailer.

Most of our shopping habits have gone online, however, the love for coffee has fully remained in an independent coffee shop.

Where Do You Start?

Are you extremely passionate and an expert about coffee?

Even if you know it all, there is so much to learn about coffee. However, being passionate about coffee and the industry itself is a good start. It is important that the owner of the business has a good level of understanding of what product they’re selling.

Discover a Unique Selling Point

As stated above there are now over 20,000 other independent coffee shops in the UK all chasing the same business. What makes you stand out from the crowd?  You need to offer something unique that competitors aren’t offering. For example, a certain type of coffee no one else sells.

Evaluate your Demographics

This largely depends on your location. If there is an ageing population in the town then a chilled coffee won’t be appropriate. Understanding your demographics is so important to getting a customer base and knowing what that demographic want in a shop. There is a subtle difference between a unique selling point and going way off the mark with your product.

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