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Things to Consider When Opening a Mobile Coffee Shop

Many coffee lovers come across coffee shops in the most peculiar places, with mobile coffee shops now popping up all of the country. With business owners finding an alternative way of passing trade finding your product. There are many different examples of where mobile coffee shops have been seen in some unusual places e.g. telephone box. There are many prospects out there where innovation can meet opportunity, making you stand out from potential competitor coffee shops.

A mobile coffee shop is perfect for a start up company. Maybe you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket and buy a large property, instead a small mobile shop where you can make as much revenue with less overhead costs.

The advantage you have over an ordinary high street shop is that you can take your business directly to your customers. For example, if you notice that it’s busy around the train station, then you could move there in the morning because of people commuting to work wanting an early morning coffee. However, you would need a street trading license to be able to sell food and drink on the street.

a mobile coffee business can be very profitable, there are some key things to understand and take into consideration when opening one. It requires some very good brewing skills and some effective marketing strategies.

You need to think about what your customers want from you and what their daily routine involves. You will also need to work out if you would like to do large events such as street-food events, weddings and festivals. The success of your business will depend on whether you react with the moving trends of your customers.

Deal with the Formalities

Ensure that you have the relevant paperwork before you start trading, otherwise the authorities may give you a penalty. If you’re a sole trader make sure you register as a sole trader instead of a business this will reduce costs dramatically. You may also need a food service licence, which will allow you to serve both food and drink out of your mobile shop.

Choose Your Vehicle

Without a vehicle your mobile coffee business is nothing more than a dream. The most effective mobile coffee shops have unique looking vehicles, which will make your business stand out and people are more likely to visit your shop. An effective way to do this is to get a designer to create a design that will make your vehicle original from competitors. Alongside the look of your vehicle, it also has to be practical for you to work from. Ensure that there are separate compartments for key things like fridges, dry storage and most importantly a high-quality coffee machine and grinder.

Utilise Social Media

Social Media has been become a huge marketing platform for business to get their product out there. The key benefit that social media has is that it’s completely free. Social Media would be an effective tool to tell loyal customers where you’re located on that specific day. You could also start advertising on social media platforms and set the reach of the ad to that specific location where you’re based.

These tips can help you get on your way to a successful mobile coffee shop that can potentially make it a very profitable business.

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