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The Best Way to Clean your Coffee Grinder

Just like your coffee machine, your coffee grinder needs maintenance for you to continue making fresh cups of coffee. Particles and oils may be littered inside your grinder without you even knowing. This could heavily impact the performance of your grinder. It’s crucial that you periodically clean the coffee grinder out to ensure seamless performance. Here are steps to follow to clean your coffee grinder, whether it’s a burr grinder or a blade grinder that you own. Before you start to complete the coffee grinder clean, ensure that the machine is unplugged.

A Quick Way to Clean your Coffee Grinder

You may notice oil on the lid and blades of the coffee grinder, once you start to see the oil you can simply use a soft grinder brush to clean away any remaining debris. With this simple technique, there is no need to get towels and hot water as we advise not to get any moisture in the machine. If you believe that your coffee grinder needs a wipe down, then do this with a somewhat damp cloth and ensure that you dry all of the parts of the grinder before you put those back into place.


The Deep Clean

The next level of cleaning your coffee grinder is the deep clean, we advise that you first empty your hopper and complete a through your machine. Wipe down the plastic parts of the machine that you have removed and use a soft brush to remove any leftover particles. To make sure that all of the residues of the ground coffee is out of the machine before you can effectively grind coffee again. We encourage people to grind a few coffee beans the give your machine a full clear out.


The Ultimate Deep Clean

In terms of your deep clean of your grinder, you can go a step further and produce the ultimate deep clean. Ensure that the grinder has been unplugged, take out the hopper and any other parts that restrict you from having access to the burr . Ensure that you put the parts back in the correct place after cleaning. With this method, you need to use a grinder brush to remove any build-up of residue that is left in the machine. To get the best results, you should use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to ensure that you pick up any particles that are still in your machine.


Be Careful When Reading Other Coffee Grinder Maintenance Cleaning Tips

There are lots of different advice out there from different coffee experts, some telling you to use products such as rice and bread. The method of using organic products can have adverse effects and impact coffee grinders health. The toughness of the raw rice can bring extra stress on the grinder motor. A lot of the coffee grinder manufacturers don’t include the use of rice in their warranties. Therefore, you must stick to the approved cleaning procedures of the coffee grinder.

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