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Coffee Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Alternatives to Milk

Recently there has been a huge surge in non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy, oat and almond. Other such variations have made an arrival at the start of 2020, however, they’re likely to be a mainstay in coffee shops such as cashew, coconut and rice. People like chooses, this is why this coffee trend is likely to take off and be fruitful for many coffee businesses.

Sourcing Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainability has been a worldwide issue in
the coffee industry
for many years. The main goal of sustainable ingredients is looking after the
growers of the coffee, by making sure that the producers are getting value for
their work.

There are many perks that come with buying sustainably sourced coffee. Not only does it respect the producers and all of the hard work that goes into growing the coffee, but it also tastes much better than non-sustainable coffee.

Growth of Coffee Sales

The UK is synonymous for being one of the
market leaders in coffee. There has been a sudden growth in the coffee industry over the
past few years and this is expected to continue. The coffee market is making
sales of just over £10 billion, with forecasts for this year predicting that
sales will increase by more than £5 billion.  

The growth of the market gets credited to the current trends in the coffee industry which includes coffee cocktails, speciality coffee and iced brew which are all doing very well on the market. The coffee sector will remain as one of the leading sectors in the economy.

Coffee Customisation

Customisation has recently been a coffee trend, with cafes taking an ad-hoc approach to meet the demands of their customers. There are also more options when you walk into a coffee shop now including non-dairy alternatives as discussed above. The introduction of smart devices like Vendon has made it possible for coffee businesses to introduce customisation in their methods, this is one of many coffee trends that is likely to take the UK by storm.

Health Coffee

A brand-new coffee trend in 2020 has been cafes trying to
improve the ‘health of coffee’. There have been some cafes that have mixed
coffee with spices or vegetables, it will not only add taste it will also
enhance the texture of the coffee.

Specialty Coffee Trends in 2020

 Specialty Coffee is Flourishing

UK speciality coffee is predicted to grow with more
people wanting coffee every day. Consumers are ordering more coffee, therefore
there is future growth in the coffee industry. Lots of coffee specialities are working in this
country which shows that there is a distinct growth in this trend.

The Upsurge in Specialty Coffee Shops

The number of specialty coffee shops increased in 2019 due to demand from coffee consumers and this expected to be the case in 2020. According to 60% specialty coffee retailers, they plan to open new shops over the coming years. This is evidence that people now understand that it’s important to bring in excellent quality coffee, consequently leading to growth.

Effects of Coffee Trends in 2020 on the Economy

As these coffee trends continue to grow, coffee shops will need more staff to work at their shop. This will increase the number of jobs available to people. The trends can aid economic problems economy.

The industry is contributing hugely to the
growth of country GDP. It has expanded massively, therefore making the sector a
huge part of the country’s economy.     

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