How can Smart Devices Streamline your Coffee Machines?

Image of a person with a smart device

What are Smart Devices?

Smart Devices are a new thing to the coffee world which allows commercial coffee machine owners to streamline their procedures. Connecting your coffee machine to the Cloud using a smart device, will allow you to see data that helps deliver operational efficiency. Wouldn’t it be great to know what your best-selling beverage is, the busiest parts of the day and perhaps how much basic ingredient you may have used? And they also allow service providers to be able to see mechanical data to assist with things like planned and preventative maintenance.

Here at Espresso Service, we use two types of smart devices Hydracs and Vendon, they both work slightly differently. 


Hydracs is a type of telemetry is an automated communications process in the form of a smart device that monitors the life of a water filter. This piece of information will keep the commercial owner up-to-date on the water filters lifespan with real-time information. However, the reader of the information must fully understand the data to know what needs changing.

Benefits of Hydracs

Hydracs sits between your filter and your coffee machine and enables you to see total water volume consumed, expiration date and most importantly any changes in the quality of the water passing from the filter ~ this is key because it will potentially affect the quality of your end product. You can also see forecast exhaustion rates for the filter and perhaps discover that you may need to change it more or less frequently.

The Hydracs device is battery powered and uses 2G, 3G or 4G technology, therefore it is an independent process with no input from the equipment. The performance of your filter can be viewed via The Cloud.  You can view your data remotely anywhere in the world. The system will also alert you within parameters defined by you. If you want to know if there’s be a change in water quality or consumption you can instruct the system to inform you, or you may simply want to know when a filter needs to be changed.


Vendon is a slightly different type of smart device to Hydracs with it mainly focussing on sales and maintenance. It uses telemetry technology to show in-depth sales reports giving commercial coffee businesses an idea of what they’re selling and also stock take to know whether to order more of a certain product.

Benefits of Vendon

  • Up-To-Date Statistics
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Payment Solutions
  • Remote Access
  • Stock Analysis

Now you have seen the smart devices that we offer here at Espresso Service and how they can transform your coffee business to streamline procedures. Reducing the downtime of your commercial coffee machine.

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