Coffee Machine Safety

Image of a Coffee Machine

Coffee machines can be dangerous pieces of equipment when not used properly e.g. failure of the steam system, which could cause serious injury.

First Safety Precautions

When you’re looking to purchase a new coffee machine you should always make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer, and to follow the equipment manufacturers instructions so you’re safe when using the appliance. Always register your new coffee machine with the manufacturers, this is useful because you’re easily contactable if there is something faulty with your product and it needs to be recalled. Ensure that your machine has UK plugs, if that isn’t the case then don’t use a UK travel adaptor. Seek advice from the manufacturer.

Appliance fires sometimes aren’t avoidable, having a working smoke alarm and heat detectors are important in keeping you safe by setting the alarm off in the event of a fire.

Using the Coffee Machine Safely

The machine must only be used by responsible adults, the appliance should be out of reach of children and stored in a stable, heat-resistance surface. There a few more points you should take into consideration when using your machine:

  • If you notice a strange smell or sparking, unplug the appliance and get in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Always turn the appliance off when it is not in use.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

There are many different pressure systems that can vary from large boilers to steam generated machines. Businesses that use pressure systems must follow a strict set of rules to ensure that they provide a safe workplace. When a pressure system fails it can cause serious injuries and even has the potential to kill. While also causing damage to the property.

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000 requires that a pressure system must have an inspection in line with the written scheme of examination.

A PSSR test will include:

  • Completely turn off the machine
  • Drain out the boiler and disconnect the heating element.
  • The inspector will do a full inspection of the boiler inside and out. All of our engineers at Espresso Service are trained to act as inspectors for our customers.
  • Once the inspection is complete, the engineer will reassemble the coffee machine.
  • The pressure system will then be turned up to full volume, testing if the safety valve works correctly.
  • You will receive a PSSR Test Certificate if your appliance passes the test. If your machine fails the test the inspector will have to re-arrange another test.

Advantages of the PSSR Inspection

  • Complying with PSSR, ensuring the safety of the pressure systems.
  • Giving you peace of mind that your appliance is completely safe.
  • Allowing you to plan maintenance and repair programmes to spread costs.

Continuing to use your appliance with a steam boiler without a PSSR, will mean that you will be in breach of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. This could nullify a possible insurance claim concerning a possible incident on the machine.

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