The coffee machine man PT1

So after many years within the industry I thought its time to share some experiences and knowledge.

Every week I will share an experience within the field as a road engineer but first let me tell you some interesting facts about me

I started within the coffee world in 1997 , I went for an interview not even knowing what to except and what the job was all about , as I walked into the building all I can remember is the smell of coffee … and then I met the company owner Deryck Gaffney , we had a nice chat about this and that and the next thing I know , I’m in the workshop in a shirt and trousers taking apart a steam boiler from a machine called the profi Gastro 2 made by a company called saeco , from that point on I had the job and the journey began.

After a few months in the workshop and machines flying though the door for repair it was time to take on more engineers , slowly we employed more people and from that point I started to learn to manage a team , I believe I was very lucky , the domestic coffee machine workshop didn’t have anyone in it when I started so my career climbing the ladder happened very quickly , within a few years we had many ups and downs mainly due to the stress of being young and having huge amount of responsibilities.

After mastering the saeco range of machines it was time for me to move over to the traditional and bean to cup side of the business. I can’t express how much I learnt over the years spent in the workshop and the great people I worked with , to name a few

Neil ( mad dog ) rip friend

Gavin stammers

The brothers ( gaffneys )

Keith the wise man

So many to name…… maybe later in my blogs I will tell your some story’s with people I worked with

Again I was gaining knowledge everyday.

So my career started on the tools and moved into management for many years , building teams and gaining huge respect from allot of people within the industry, this in fact carried on for nearly 25 years but after a little think and a huge mind change I have decided to hit the tools again , well as much as possible , but this time I’m going to document my time out in the field , only wish I did this many years ago

Join me on my journey to the new coffee world and let’s see how I get on and what has changed , I’m sure I will be telling your many stories from the past to now

He is something that most of your engineers have heard a million times that has never changed even from 25 years ago ….

hi I’m hear to fix your coffee , customer reply’s …. fantastic I would offer you a cup but it’s broken ….. yawn

Tommy Coleman

Part 1

Sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar , not all engineers are perfect